Circus Festival Perfomers Are A Load Of Balls In The Square

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Circus 2

Circus performers in the Square yesterday. Photo Darryl Vesey

IF you were down in the Square yesterday, or earlier today, you may have noticed some strange goings on.

It’s all part of the National Circus of Ireland Festival which is taking place in the town this weekend. The performers are going on daily lunchtime walkabouts in-between all the workshops and performances happening in the next few days.

They obviously had a ball (sorry!) in Claude Monte Barbershop when they called in for a trim, although that didn’t take long. Darryl Vesey sent us in a few photos.

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Circus 1

“Something for the weekend?”…Circus performers get a fright after getting a haircut at Claude Monte. Photo by Darryl Vesey

Tonight sees the Irish Premiere of the ‘Water on Mars’ circus show.

The trio brings a performance full of dynamic airborne images. 100 rings are thrown, backflips are landed, feet are twisted, water is flipped, 21 balls are juggled and 15 clubs spin around the three bodies while an electro beat keeps the rhythm. Water on Mars is intense juggling designed for space stations.

It takes place in Siamsa Tire at 8.30pm and promises to be spectacular.

If you’re interested in finding out what’s on the programme of events in the next few days, click here

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