Cllr Wants Improved Approach To Policing In Tralee Town Park

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Cllr Terry O’Brien.

A LOCAL councillor is calling for the local authority and the Gardaí to come together to formulate a better plan for policing in Tralee Town Park.

Speaking at the Tralee Municipal District meeting of Kerry County Council on Monday, Labour Cllr Terry O’Brien said there has been a lot of negative press about the Town Park which gave the erroneous impression anti-social behaviour and drug use goes on all the time.

He said some people on social media have even called for the Garden of the Senses to be closed.

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He said more patrols and a more imaginative approach to policing in the area needs to be taken. Cllr O’Brien said the Gardaí arrive and the people causing a disturbance go away for a while, but then they come back.

In reply, Council management said they have developed a partnership approach to policing Tralee Town Park with An Garda Síochána.

They said Tralee MD has a regular staff presence within the Town Park including the Town Park caretaker, gardeners and other staff assigned as may be required for specific works.

They said Council staff address behavioural concerns as may arise and if more concerning issues arise, the Gardaí are notified. They said the Gardaí are proactive in undertaking regular patrols of the park to discourage and actively address anti-social behaviour.

Council said they have undertaken trimming and thinning of hedges and vegetation in the Garden of the Senses to improve oversight of the area by passers-by, the Gardaí and parks employees.

Also, the quarry area adjacent to the castle and Siamsa Tíre has been cleared thereby improving visibility into the area.

They said there has been a significant reduction in the number of Public Order Incidents recorded in respect of Tralee Town park so far this year when compared to 2020.

Gardaí also encourage people to use the See Something, Say Something text service and have, through Operation GLAS, a covert operation where plain clothes Gardaí patrol Tralee Town Park and other amenities both on foot and on bicycle.

At least two Garda members are detailed during each tour of duty from 7am-2am to conduct high visibility patrols of Tralee Town Park and other local amenities.

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  1. Matty O'Leary says:

    Same old story when it comes to an Garda Síochána and Tralee Town Park.
    Gardaí have a history of patrols due to political pressure, then zero presence when things cool down.

    Tralee Municipal District should consider a more reliable alternative, like private security for the Tralee Town Park.