Cllr Wants Something Done About Old Vacant Buildings In Blennerville

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The Main Street in Blennerville.

A LOCAL councillor is worried that somebody is going to be injured or worse if something isn’t done about old properties on the main street in Blennerville village.

Speaking at the Tralee Municipal District meeting of councillors on Tuesday, Cllr Terry O’Brien asked that Kerry County Council look into setting up a task force in relation to Blennerville village.

He said there are two vacant, derelict old buildings which are boarded up and have become an eyesore. Cllr O’Brien said whenever there is windy weather or a storm, a piece of wood or a slate falls to the street and residents are afraid to walk on that side of the street now.

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The councillor also said there are a few unused sites and lands there, which could be developed and that the village held so much potential.

Council management said they would make enquiries about the two buildings mentioned. They also said they would work with local businesses and property owners in relation to seeking improvements in the village.

Mayor of Tralee, Jim Finucane, said that an application for funding for the further development of the Blennerville Windmill and steam train had passed the first phase and they were hopeful that, if successful, this would establish Blennerville as a heritage destination. This investment could possibly amount to around €3m.

A further more detailed submission for phase 2 of the process is currently being prepared. If granted, it’s believed that would also be a catalyst for further funding from the private sector for further development.

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  1. Matty O'Leary says:

    The historical properties on the main street in Blennerville village should of course be saved.

    Kerry County Council needs social housing and the properties would, if the exterior was restored with their interiors converted and modernised would make wonderful apartments and would give a much needed boost to the population (the life blood)of any village.

    A great opportunity for the village if done right by Kerry County Council, Blennerville village could easily thrive again.