Council Appeals To Public To Take Care During Hot Weather

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KERRY County Council has appealed to members of the public to take care and to act responsibly during the period of extremely warm weather which is forecast for Ireland over the coming days.

Met Éireann has issued a High Temperature Advisory with day-time temperatures expected to reach the high twenties and possibly exceed 30 degrees in some locations.

The Council is encouraging everyone to be cognisant of the dangers of high temperatures and extremely sunny conditions, to reach out to vulnerable neighbours and relatives, and to be conscious of the impact on pets of extreme heat.

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In particular, the Council is asking beachgoers to enjoy the beach environment safely and to take particular care in the water.

Director of Services, John Breen said that during extreme heat, people should enjoy themselves but should do so safely.

‘Extreme heat brings its own dangers for people of all ages. We are particularly conscious of how attractive our Blue Flag beaches during periods of fine weather, but we are just reminding everyone to be very careful in the water and to swim during periods when lifeguards are on duty.

‘We would also ask beachgoers to avoid littering, to park appropriately and to respect the beach environment,’ he said.

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