Daly Says Proposed Ban On Sale Of Turf Shows Government Is Out Of Touch

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Deputy Pa Daly.

SINN Féin TD for Kerry, Pa Daly, has criticised Minister Eamon Ryan’s proposed ban on the sale or distribution of turf, stating the government are out of touch with rural Ireland and lacks understanding of the difficulties people are facing.

Deputy Daly said Minister Ryan’s move to ban the sale or distribution of turf for domestic use will hit people in rural areas the hardest at a time when they are struggling the most.

“Families, workers, and those living alone, often elderly, cannot cope with rising energy costs.  I am hearing far too many times that constituents are not heating their homes as they cannot afford it,” he said.

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“The timing of this announcement and introduction of these measures could not come at a worse time with the runaway cost-of-living and an energy crisis.  It makes no sense and will hit our most vulnerable the hardest.

“There is no ‘Just Transition’ when the Minister states he will implement draconian measures that prohibit a neighbour from dropping a bag of turf to a struggling elderly neighbour or a young family.

“Minister Ryan could have identified those who are dependent on turf to heat their homes and prioritised them for energy efficiency supports.

“It is a simple fact that the majority of houses rely on turf and heating systems that are designed for solid fuel.  Deep retrofits run in the range of €40,000 – €60,000 and are out of reach for most.  While grant aid is available, the householder has to come up with a significant contribution, in some cases more than half, towards the retrofit.

“Moreover, pushing ahead with the carbon tax hikes on May 1st undermines support for real Climate Action.  However it does show that government is completely out of touch with the challenges the average person faces today.”

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