Deputy Daly Asks HSE To Look At Taking Offices At Island Of Geese Site

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Deputy Pa Daly.

A LOCAL TD has called on the HSE to explore the old Denny/Island of Geese site as a potential location for offices in the town.

Pa Daly, Sinn Féin TD for Kerry, said it would be a prime location to set up and would benefit the local economy.

In July, Councillors in the Tralee Municipal District approved plans for an office block and retail/restaurant/cafe unit on the site as part of the public realm aspect, while they are also looking at locating social housing units there.

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“The Denny site is unique in the centre of Tralee, with the potential to provide commercial and recreational benefits to the town,” said Deputy Daly.

“Far too often we see large businesses moving out of the town centre placing pressure on local businesses who are committed to remaining in Tralee town centre.

“When people work in town, they tend to do their shopping in town. The average worker will typically spend €60 per week between food and shopping,” he continued.

“This number is significant when multiplied across 40, 50 or more workers; €2,400 per week in the pocket of local businesses would be greatly appreciated.

“As the HSE explores sites to move staff to, the Denny site must be considered as a prime option. This could make all the difference and prove an anchor in the town for many businesses.”

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  1. We need footfall in the town and a reason for people to shop in town not office workers stuck in there offices and taking up parking spaces badly needed for shoppers