Finnegan On Films: A Thriller, Comedy And Drama To Check Out On Netflix

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No shortage of films available to entertain us as we stay at home, with some Netflix selections and the Kerry International Film Festival this weekend says our movie guy James Finnegan…

At time of writing, there are discussions going on trying to decide what Covid level we should be at, so perhaps it is time to call in a team that never accepts a no-win scenario.  No, not NPHET.  The other one.

Following the Sixties television series and five previous films, Mission Impossible – Fallout is the latest in the series.

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Perhaps they should be called instead “Mission Somewhat Tricky” as they are obviously not impossible, but they are great entertaining action adventures played across a global backdrop.

‘Mission Impossible — Fallout’

The IMF Team of Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise), Luther (Ving Rhames), Benji (Simon Pegg) and Isla (Rebecca Ferguson) are still trying to clean up after the remains of the Syndicate, now collated as the Apostles under the leadership of John Lark, a noted anarchist.

Three stolen Plutonium cores are available to the highest bidder, which include the usual types of baddies including terrorist groups, gangsters and arms dealers including the White Widow (Vanessa Kirby).  Hunt and Co are ordered to retrieve them.

The IMF Team are not trusted by the new CIA Director (Angela Bassett) who assigns Agent August Walker (Henry Cavill) to ride shotgun and keep an eye on them.

Writer and director Christopher McQuarrie brings in arcs from the previous film story lines and keeps the action going at a breakneck speed.

A special shout out to the stunt men who help make some of the most jaw dropping action scenes of the series, one of which seriously injured Cruise, as so memorably described on the Graham Norton show.

I came across this next forgotten little gem while entertaining my grandchildren aged three and eight, and they thoroughly enjoyed it.

Dennis The Menace is based on the American comic strip, rather than the Beano character, but the premise is much the same.

A mischievous child gets up to mischief, chiefly annoying the next door neighbour George Wilson (Walter Matthau).

There is a dog involved (of course there is), a baddie, Switchblade Sam (Christopher Lloyd) and plenty of slapstick humour that kept my entire crowd laughing out loud, or maybe that was just me.

Anyway, in these gloomy times we could do with a laugh and a film for all the family is the least we deserve.

The Trial of the Chicago 7, reviewed here a few weeks back, is now available on Netflix in case you missed it on the big screen.   I expect this film to feature prominently in the forthcoming Awards season.

This weekend also sees the opening of the 21st Kerry International Film Festival.  Over the next few days, they will be showing over 90 local and international films on their online platform, including shorts, features, live panels and more.  More details are available on their website Stay Safe and Enjoy

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