ITT And TUI Staff Dispute Referred To Labour Court

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IT Tralee North Campus

THE dispute between Teachers Union of Ireland staff and the Institute of Technology Tralee over the students’ complaint procedure will now end up in the Labour Court.

As a result of industrial action, TUI staff at the college did not attend facilitate meetings with students after recent exam results. The ITT Students Union President, Steve Clifford, described the situation earlier this month as “incredibly disappointing” and said the situation was causing “undue stress to those involved and does not promote a positive image for relationships between staff and students”.

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The Teachers’ Union of Ireland said they had tabled a proposal on Friday but this was rejected by management at the college.

The TUI grievance with the ITT, in relation to the Student Complaints Procedure, goes back to March of this year when the TUI issued a directive mandating members to not comply with the Institute’s complaints procedure.

On Tuesday, April 12, the TUI took the decision to escalate industrial action to include not providing students with feedback in relation to assessments or academic progress and not attending the student/lecturer meetings scheduled to take place after the examination results were released.

Both the IT Tralee and TUI have agreed to refer the matter to the Labour Court.

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