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We have some fantastic videos being sent into us and we’re delighted to see everyone enjoying themselves.
Please don’t be shy and share your practice sessions with us.
You can enter as often as you wish.
Winner drawn on Wednesday morning.
Declan Quill will share new skills for everyone on Wednesday. Thanks to Declan and his team Adam and Mattie and of course Erika who’s on camera duty every week.


Our juvenile club should have hosted our third annual “Donal Walsh Livelife Memorial Tournament “ two weekends ago. Unfortunately that wasn’t possible this year.
Donal , a wonderful young man had a message for everyone “to cherish life and live life”. Donal inspired a nation and beyond.

On May 12th, 2013 Donal reached “ God’s Highest Mountain.”
Donal’s anniversary Mass was celebrated in St. John’s Church last Sunday and will be shared on our Facebook page on Tuesday.

Elma, Fionnbar and Jema want to mark Donal’s anniversary in a fun way this year since we’re all stuck indoors and want to set you a challenge!
Donal made a fun video with his friends and they want you to recreate this video in your own way!
You can view Donal’s video on our Facebook page or Donal Walsh #livelife.
Please send your videos and on the 12th we will share all the videos we get in!
Challenge rules:
Tag people you want to also take part in it.
Use the song beauty and the beast by @justinbieber ft. @nickiminaj
Donate to the foundation only if you want to and can
And most important have fun making it #LiveLife
@cormaccoffey @jamesoconnor_ @geroc97


Community spirit is high in Strand Road as we prepare to  RUN4PIETA.
Many thanks to everyone who has registered and donated so far. We have over 300 people in our community participating and have room for more. Share this news on social media , the more the merrier!

Please continue to register and donate. You can donate on the link on our Facebook page or drop your donation into Jimmy’s shop in Strand Road.

For 48  hours consecutively during this Thursday, Friday  and Saturday, May 14th, 15th and 16th our club and community will run, walk, cycle and scoot in “darkness and light “ for Pieta. We will be kicking off at 5.30p.m.

We are asking you to select a distance that suits you within the 5Km limit.

This a chance for all of our community to come together for a great cause.
We hope that each  player and their family will join in, remember to register.

Alice, Barry and Hannah O’Sullivan looking forward to seeing the sunrise this weekend during their RUN4PIETA.

1. Run, walk, cycle or scoot for 30 minutes.

2. Record your distance in Km on your smartphone/watch.

3. Take a photo of your distance covered and send it with your name to (087) 6233733 or
(086) 8713552.

4. Remember  to take a selfie of you doing it and send to ( 087) 6233733 or (086) 8713552.

5. If you’re doing it with family  then count everyone’s mileage when texting in your distance.

6. Wear your club colours or something yellow for Pieta.

7. If you’re on main roads or country roads especially at night please wear a hi vis for safety reasons.

* Please support.
* Enjoy!


Since the publication of the Road Map for reopening the country by the government the LGFA are seeking clarification on the guidelines and some of the issues that have arisen in relation to sport.

As everyone is  aware the GAA will remain closed until July 20th as part of the efforts to prevent gatherings which might breach the restrictions set out by the government. They have set up a Covid-19 Advisory Group which will advise on return to play protocol etc. and the LGFA will work closely with the GAA in relation to all these matters.

In light of the current situation the following changes are being made to registration dates for the coming years;
•1st August 2020
•1st July 2021
•1st June 2022
•1st April 2023

Over the coming weeks we will be in touch with everyone who hasn’t paid registration to arrange a final payment date to allow us to lodge and register as this takes time. Thank you to everybody who has already paid.


We hope that every player and their family will join in this weekend. Don’t forget to register.
Erin Lynch who will be joining in RUN4PIETA

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