Kerry Man Picks Up €1m Lotto Winnings

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A Kerry man was delighted to visit Lotto HQ today to collect his €1 million cheque after winning the Lotto Plus 1 top prize on Wednesday 13th September.

The Kingdom winner enjoyed his windfall after purchasing his ticket online via the National Lottery app.

The winner who is looking forward to treating his family with his new fortune explained the shock he got when he logged into his online account.

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“I saw the email on my phone telling me to check my ticket while I was out and about. I looked at it and was in total shock – I then had to drive home and I swear I almost crashed the car! As soon as I got in the door, I went in to tell my wife and show her the phone.

“Of course, it’s my own fault that she didn’t believe me straight away because I am such a messer and would totally pretend that I’d won – but this time there was no joking! She eventually took the phone and checked the ticket while I called out the numbers. It was only then that she believed me and the two of us were sat there counting the zeros making sure it was definitely real,” he said.

“I was on to the Claims Department first thing the following Monday to confirm the win. Part of me had worried that my phone had been hacked and it was a horrible trick being played! I was delighted to hear that it was definitely real.”

The online winner admitted that having the ticket in his online account saved him a lot of worry over the past two weeks: “I’m so glad I played online because I’m not sure that I’d be able for the pressure of minding a physical ticket. It was a long two weeks getting organized for our trip up here to pick up the cheque so I can only imagine what I’d be like with keeping a ticket safe on top of that. I am thrilled to finally have the cheque in my hand and to make plans with the family for what we’ll do. Looking at houses and planning for our future is most definitely top of the list – the timing is perfect!”

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