Killarney Chamber Condemns Racist Stickers On Busy Road

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Muckross Road, Killarney.

KILLARNEY Chamber of Tourism and Commerce has issued a statement condemning the people responsible for posting racist stickers along the Muckross Road, a busy route into and out of the town.

The stickers, discovered on poles on Tuesday morning, feature cartoon images of migrants of different races following a signpost for ‘Convention Centre’ with the heading “You’ll never be the Irish”. The INEC has hosted citizenship ceremonies in the past couple of years. The matter is being investigated by gardai.

The statement from Killarney Chamber of Tourism and Commerce reads;

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“Killarney Chamber of Tourism and Commerce in the strongest possible terms, the mindless and completely unacceptable actions of whoever was responsible for placing racist, vulgar and pitiful slogans in a public area, under the cover of darkness, on Tuesday morning.”

“Such dreadful behaviour has no place in the progressive and successful town of Killarney where there is a warm, genuine and universal welcome for everybody.”

“We appreciate the enormous contribution made by people from overseas, over several decades, who come to live and work alongside us and become our neighbours, friends and colleagues and our children’s friends, classmates and teammates.”

“Racism is an ugly weapon that must have no place in society and as long as mature, decent and responsible people stand up against the uneducated bullies that engage in such unacceptable acts, then they will have far more limited opportunities to spread their hatred.”

“The Chamber’s steadfast view is that there must be absolutely no tolerance for discrimination, prejudice, insult or antagonism directed at anybody because they are of a different race or ethnicity.”

“Killarney Chamber of Tourism and Commerce would encourage anybody with any information that might help to identify those responsible for this cowardly act to contact Killarney Garda Station on 064-6631222 or the Garda Confidential Line on 1800-666-111.”


  1. Matty O'Leary says:

    “You’ll never be the Irish”!

    Well, which Irish as there is Irish race or Irish nationality.
    Of course if anyone is given citizenship they are an Irish national.
    However, the only way a migrant can become Irish by race is by massagination.

    But, I think the new citizens concerned already know this.

    Being Irish, if I went to Australia, India or China and experienced this I would understand, I would see it as it is and would not expect the local authority or native population to go full PC!

  2. Matty O'Leary says:

    Oops, meant to write immigrant not migrant in my above comment (I have a love hate relationship with auto correction).

    I seen the above referred to stickers in one of the mainstream media news papers. But, I must say that not pretty. But, I must say the Irish as a race have been subjected to far worse in our past in mainstream media too and got over it:

    In fact, the stickers look amateur by comparison and a bit of “a storm in a tea cup” by comparison.

    I feel the so called local authority are just responsible for giving it a larger circulation as the stickers were placed in a provincial town and if they were simply binned as the rubbish they are instead of The Chamber’s grandstanding virtue signalling I do not thing anyone from a couple of people would have even been exposed to the message. So, Killarney Chamber of Tourism and Commerce shame on you for your lack of tact.

    I also feel some realty is in order here, unlike the Irish immigrants, who had to endure worse travel and often long to get to our new locations often in some form of bondage like indentured servitude, worse living conditions as the developed world was still in development and often no social service system as a safety net as early capitalism simply was not as advanced.

    In comparison to the Irish, the new immigrants entering the Irish Ireland have it easy being able to travel on an airplane, live in first world conditions and benefit from a modern social welfare system.

    Of course there will be resentment from some of the disenfranchised native population, after all we still suffer unemployment, homelessness and others social ill factors.

    The local government should be apologising as they as part of government and they are guilty of causing the resentment (if any) within out society by encouraging and allowing high levels of immigration into Ireland when there is a housing crisis and the country despite their spin is not back to normal levels of employment levels and pay conditions.

    Yes, there is immigrants in direct provision centres. But, there are record levels of Irish natives literally homeless now!

    I also have to say that the Irish are pretty naïve, left wing and not really racism at all as they have suffered just as badly as any African race or nation apart from the Congo, given the fact that we are part of Europe and only in recent history acknowledged as “White” is somewhat shocking. Irish, Italians and Greeks were not regarded as white historically speaking.

    King Leopold’s ghost still haunts the Congo:

    Why Were the Irish Once Hated in America?:

    What is key for our society going forward is to end the failing, divisive and dangerous model of multiculturalism and adopt the melting pot model as integration for immigrants ensures “they” become “us” and this is an intergenerational occurrence. If successful our society will resemble the USA in the future, if we fail it will resemble the Balkans.

    Diversity is divisionism and is not our strength but our weakness. Immigrants integration into our workforce, community and especially culture and values is best for everyone via a melting pot model.

    One thing I will say about the Irish is we know how to integrate and that is why we have thrives abroad. We adopt the customs, culture and values of our new host nations and we gain from that experience.

    The Irish American are American first with Irish heritage. A lot of German American died fighting German in WW1 and WW2 due to the success of melting pot model.

    However, in the UK there is Pakistani immigrants who regard themselves as Pakistani regardless of their parent or grandparent entering the host nation in the 1950’s and they hold only a UK citizenship – that’s the failure of the multicultural model and it’s appeasement of allowing other customs, cultures and values to dominate at the expense of it own.

    If, I immigrate to Australia tomorrow with my family, I will tell my children to honour their new host nation and the native population, to become Australian – if they meet a nice Australian boys and girls and settle down all the better for it. Same goes for, if I emigrate to Pakistan, India or Chine. The successful melting pot model.