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If you sell your vehicle or trade it in for a new model, you must by law register the change of ownership with the Department of Transport.

A record is kept called the national vehicle and driver file (NVDF). It is important that the ownership and address details are up to date at all times and that changes are notified quickly. If for example, a vehicle is subject to a safety recall, manufacturers will contact all registered owners from this list.

If I sell my car privately what so I need to do re changing the Vehicle Registration certificate (VRC)?

If you sell your vehicle privately, you must complete and sign the change of ownership section on the back of the Vehicle Registration certificate (VRC).

The buyer must sign the same form. The seller is responsible and must send the completed form to the Department of Transport for updating. The Department of Transport will post the VRC to the new owner.

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If I sell my car to a motor dealer what so I need to do re changing the Vehicle Registration certificate (VRC)?

If you sell your vehicle to a motor dealer, you must give the dealer the Vehicle Registration Certificate and both the seller and the dealer must complete the Form RF105 .

An approved dealer can use the online change of vehicle ownership service to notify the details online. Otherwise the seller must sent the RF105 to the Department of Transport.

What do I need to do if the current owner is deceased?

If you buy a vehicle and the current owner (seller) is deceased, a letter from the executor of the deceased’s will, or the solicitor dealing with the will, indicating your right to the vehicle should accompany the Vehicle Registration Certificate (VRC).

Where the VRC is not available or cannot be produced, an administrative process allows the acceptance of a declaration of ownership change in the form of a statutory declaration sworn before a Commissioner for Oaths or a practising solicitor.

The statutory declaration form, which is available from the Driver and Vehicle Computer Services Division, should accompany the letter from the executor of the will or the solicitor mentioned above.

What does it cost to register Change of Ownership details?

There is no charge for registering Change of Ownership details at Motor Taxation Offices or at the Driver and Vehicle Computer Services Division.

When can I tax the new vehicle?

You cannot tax your vehicle until the registration of the change of ownership has gone through. You can renew motor tax online or by completing a Form RF100A.

What happens if I lose the Registration Book or the Vehicle Registration Certificate?

It is possible to get replacement documents associated with changes to vehicle ownership. To get replacement documents, download and complete form RF134 from  and have this form witnessed by a member of the Garda Síochána at your local Garda station.

Forward your completed form with the appropriate fee to your Motor Tax Office. The fee for a replacement Registration Book or Registration Certificate is €12

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