Has Love/Hate’s Trish Relocated To Tralee? Nope, Just Her Car!

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FANS of RTE’s ‘Love/Hate’ may have been shocked at last Sunday’s finale to the series where Nidge came a-cropper, but they might be even more surprised to see his wife’s car around town.

Has Trish re-located to Tralee?

Apparently not, as we found out that Tralee man Emmet O’Grady, bought the white Saab, driven by the recently widowed character in the show, some months ago after the last series was finished filming.

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“I bought it from a guy who worked on the set of Love/Hate a good while back. It was his car so they used it in a few episodes of the last series. It’s actually my girlfriend, Aoife Faherty’s car now,” said Emmet who is a fan of the show.

“A few people have spotted it in town and made the connection, but I’m sure that’ll fizzle out in a week or so,” he said.

One person who noticed is Raymond Galvin who tweeted the photo (below) last night of the car parked on Strand Road.

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