Mayor Calls For Doubling Of Fines For People Illegally Parking In Disabled Spaces

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THE Mayor of Tralee has called for a doubling of the fine for people caught parking illegally in disabled spaces.

Cllr Terry O’Brien (Lab) was speaking at the meeting of the Tralee Municipal District on Monday, where he said the practice was still widespread.

At the moment the fine for illegal parking in disabled bays is €80, double the standard fine, but Mayor O’Brien wants this doubled to €160.

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“Until there is a serious fine, or penalty points, or jail, people will still do it,” said the Mayor.

He received widespread support from all councillors who rushed to second the motion. Cllr Sam Locke (Ind) suggested the offenders also be clamped.

Mayor O’Brien also said some people with disabilities are part of the problem, as they give their permits to able-bodied family members or friends to park in town.

He understood too that it was tough on traffic wardens, who are told by people parking illegally that they are collecting a disabled person, or give other excuses as to why they are in the space.

Since the system of fixed charge offences for illegal parking and non-payment of parking fees is determined by Central Government under the Road Traffic Acts, Kerry County Council will now write to the Government to request the doubling of the fine.

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