Mayor Calls For Traffic Lights At ‘Most Dangerous Junction In Town’

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The junction at the Low Field/Basin/James Street.

THERE won’t be any traffic lights in the near future at what the Mayor of Tralee described as “the most dangerous junction in Tralee at the moment”.

Mayor Terry O’Brien had a motion before the Tralee Municipal District of Kerry County Council meeting this morning that the Council would review the traffic situation at the Cross between the Lower Field and James’ Street and said traffic lights have to be an option as it has become a very busy junction.

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Council  Management’s reply was that Tralee Transportation Strategy highlighted 16 junctions in the town of Tralee that were deemed to require short or medium term interventions. To date, no funding has been provided for any of these junctions.

The “Low Field” junction was not highlighted as a junction requiring attention. This junction is busy only at peak hours and unlikely to warrant traffic lights.

The cost estimate would be in the region of €70,000 and if funding became available, there are other junctions included in the study which have been highlighted by the elected members in the past two years as more urgent.

Cllr O’Brien said the money would have to be found as it was the most dangerous junction in town at the moment.

“Something has to be done, whether it’s a roundabout…put a lollipop man there! It’s crazy,” he said.

Cllr O’Brien said it was also a favoured spot for people on driving lessons and motorists were also using Rae Street from Strand Street to come on to the Basin Road and the situation was dangerous especially at rush hour times.


  1. Matty O'Leary says:

    Mayor Terry O’Brien is dead right on this matter.
    Further more, drivers are also avoiding driving straight on via James St onto Princes St because it is a nightmare getting out -so a mini roundabout is need there too. Everyone drives on via Basin view onto the N86 just to avoid that turn!
    So, Mayor Terry O’Brien – why not go the extra mile and fix the whole area?

    Good-on for the Mayor Terry O’Brien for doing the job that should have been done by the overpaid so-called county council planner.

  2. How could we have the money to unnecessarily dig up Denny Street, but no money for dangerous junctions? Ridiculous.

  3. margaret dillane says:

    Its high time for something to be done about this junction very hard for motorists as well to come out near cliffords cash and carry on to basin road