Me And My Dog: Bailey — The Tiny Diva With A Huge Personality

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Radio Kerry’s Andrew Morrissey lives with fiancé Úna and their ‘little baby’ Bailey who has captured their hearts…

Andrew Morrissey with Bailey.

Why did you decide to get a dog?

We were moving back to Kerry in 2014 and spoken about it a few times and then once we were settled we just went for it. We knew a dog would be great company.

Did you have family dogs when you were growing up in Cork?

Yeah we had a few dogs growing up. It was always a dog-friendly house and my mother would’ve also grown up with dogs as pets too.

What breed is she?

Bailey is a teacup Yorkie. So she looks like a puppy all the time because she’s so tiny.

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How did you come up with her name?

I took a photo of her with Úna on day one and her colouring reminded us of a bottle of Baileys.

Bailey as a pup.

Was she hard to toilet train?

Not really. Thankfully she was quite easy, we just got into the habit of taking her outside all the time and she got used to it very quickly. We did have a few accidents but not many to be fair.

Does she sleep inside or outside?

She’s definitely an indoor dog. Loves her comfort and her chair. She’s also very nosey and loves nothing more than staring out the window at people and cars.

Harness or lead?

Both. (although with her size it’s hard to get one to fit her)

Bailey’s worst habit?

She loves food like all dogs but begs for food quite lot when you’re eating (a habit we never really shut down so our fault really).

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Look at that face.

Best thing about having her?

It’s the company for us. Myself and Úna often have full conversations with her. But mostly just her affection towards us.

Long walks or short walks?

Both again. She loves being outdoors and Nana often takes her for long walks too.

More surprising thing you learned, after getting a dog?

I think it’s how much we care for her and love her. You’d miss her if you came home and she’s out for a walk and I think to us she’s like a little baby.

Would you let Bailey sleep on your bed?

We used to when she was a puppy. But she gets quite cranky when one of us moves and she went off in huff one night and now sleeps in her own bed.

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Does Bailey wear a coat/bandana or just a collar?

Just a collar. We got her one of two Christmas jumpers in the past and even a ghost costume for Halloween. She just stood there not moving with a look of “what the hell is this thing…?” (she is a total diva)

Top tips for a new dog owner?

Train them early. Once they are toilet trained and other little tricks like sit etc…. they will become very loyal and great companions. Getting them out for a walk strictly everyday will help too.

How has having her had an effect on you and why would you recommend getting a pet?

Like I mentioned, she’s like our child and myself and Úna love her for her huge personality despite her small size.

And the best thing is, if you’re having a terrible day you can come home to her little face and go away somewhere for a walk and get some air and she just cheers you up. I would absolutely recommend getting a pet to anyone.

• Andrew Morrissey co-presents ‘Kerry’s Full Breakfast’ with Elaine Kinsella on Radio Kerry weekday mornings from 7am to 9am.


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