Michelle’s Fundraiser To Get You Active Within Your 5k During Level 5 Restrictions

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Michelle Greaney.

A TRALEE run performance coach is encouraging people to get out and exercise over the next five weeks while also donating to a great cause, the Kerry Hospice Foundation.

Michelle Greaney of MG Coaching says running and exercises are hugely important for health and mental resolve and staying active, especially now during Level 5 Restrictions.

“We have a lot of time on our hands again, so why not use the time to exercise, run or walk 5k, feel good about donating to this amazing charity,” said Michelle who has organised the ‘Run 5km/Donate €5/Nominate 5’ fundraiser.

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The idea is to nominate five others to take part in the challenge and help spread the word.
You can upload your run or a selfie on social media, while staying within your 5k radius and adhering to all of the current guidelines.

“It was another blow to our group sessions again when the level 5 was introduced, but I am happy to comply with expert advice. We will all get through this together, we can do this fundraiser while adhering to guidelines and staying healthy and active,” said Michelle.

“This challenge should give others inspiration that even if they are on their own, they can keep contact through social media. I would love to see all athletics clubs, social running clubs and other sports clubs in Kerry come together to support the challenge and send in their selfies.

My aim since all of this started in March was to keep people active, get them out there, realise the numerous benefits of running or walking for our physical and mental health while raising vital funds for charities.”

“Everyone clearly misses the camaraderie etc of races but as soon as I can organise something again while strictly adhering to the guidelines, I will.

My own group are continuing to train apart but being held accountable to the rest of the group and discussing their efforts after each prescribed run session so thats motivation to keep going.

So while we are further restricted but allowed to keep running and meeting up with one other household member, I am advising taking part in this challenge, uploading a photo of your efforts and please donate,” said Michelle.

For more on the fundraiser, check out the event facebook page by clicking here, or go to the fundraising page by clicking here.

The Social media tags are #run5donate5nominate5 #kerryhospice. Here is the link to help you out with your 5kradius for exercise. https://2kmfromhome.com/5km
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