Talented Mother And Daughter Duo To Launch Books

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THEY say talent runs in the family and this is certainly the case with Joy Agwu and her nine year old daughter Sandra.

The two of them are set to release books at the same time in the County Library on June 21.

Joy originally from Nigeria has been living in Tralee the past 10 years and said she enjoys living in the town where she says the people have been friendly and helpful since she arrived.

The novel titled, ‘I Live By The Gun’ will be her third published book and is set against the backdrop of corruption in modern day Nigeria. In the book Joy is not afraid to shy away from complex issues and tackles them in a manner that is intelligent, perceptive and relevant. (continued below)


Daughter and mother novelists, Sandra and Joy Agwu. Photo by Gavin O’Connor

Daughter Sandra’s book ‘Mark the Genius’ is a great insight into the mind of a child and how they interact and adjust to the world around them. “It’s about a boy named Mark who helps out in school. If the teachers can’t calm the children down he will do it,” Sandra said.

Sandra is nine now, but finished writing the book when she was eight.

“She didn’t tell me she was writing a book,” said Joy. “One day it was her turn to wash the dishes and I was looking for her, I couldn’t find her so I came to the living room and found her there on the computer. I started giving out because I thought she was playing a game, but when I saw what she had on the screen it turned out she was writing a book.”

“The book was hard, but I wanted to write one like my mom,” said Sandra, who is now working on another book.

Joy said she is studying psychology for a masters in social care, while also working on a new play.

The launch of both books will take place at Tralee Library on Saturday, June 21 at 2:30pm.

Both of these books are available to buy online, in print and e-book editions, from Joy’s official website and other online retailers. Signed copies will be on sale at the launch at a special price.

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