New Rose Of Tralee Maria Is Still Going For Mayo On Sunday!

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The newly crowned Rose of Tralee 2014, Maria Walsh, representing Philadelphia. Photo by Dermot Crean

SHE may be the new Rose of Tralee, but Maria Walsh is still going for Mayo on Sunday.

The 27 year old woman, representing Philadelphia, was born in Boston but moved to Shrule in Mayo back in 1994  and still holds allegiance to the red and green.

At the press conference immediately after being crowned the 2014 winner in the Dome, she was asked who she will be supporting on Sunday.

“Mayo of course. Mayo for Sam always,” she replied.

She was naturally shocked when her name was called out.

“It was very surreal. I don’t think it’s hit me. I’m extremely blessed to be representing them all [the Roses].”

When asked what was going through her head as she was going on stage tonight she joked; “I was just looking forward to kicking off the heels and having a wee dance later on.”

“I was very calm. With all my family and friends here and the fact that I was representing my centre, that was very calming,” she said.

Did she feel she was in contention?

“Not at all. We [the Roses] try to avoid all that. We just enjoyed all the moments together,” she said.

What is she looking forward to about the next 12 months?

“Getting out and getting more young, modern and educated and great women involved in this. It’s a huge organisation that provides so many opportunities and great moments and I think there is so many more intelligent and talented women that should be involved in this organisation and I think we should be pushing that,” she said.

And, in case you’re interested lads, she is single.

“I am indeed. But my father has very high ambitions for whoever is stepping in, so if they can pass my father and mother’s test we might give them an oul gander!” she said.




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