New ‘Run The Ring’ Event Announced For 2016

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Run The Kingdom announced the first details of the ‘Run The Ring’ event today.

TODAY saw the exciting announcement of a new running event that will no doubt have local and non-local athletes lining up to take part in the challenge.

Run The Kingdom (RTK) today announced the first details for their new event entitled ‘Run The Ring’ which they hope to schedule for June 18, 2016.

While details and planning are still in the early stages, we do know that the run will take place on the Ring of Kerry and will consist of a 16 person team, 8 person team, and 4 person team categories, with each team member running a different leg.

There will also be chances for corporate, sports clubs and open team categories to take place.

Registration for the event is set to open on October 1, with more details expected to follow in the coming weeks.

Check out the RTK Facebook page here for more updates or the RTK website here.



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