New Student Council Elected At CBS The Green

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The new Student Council at CBS The Green. Photo by Dermot Crean

CBS The Green unveiled their newly elected Students Council on Thursday.

The potential leaders of the future held their training day last week with their liaison teacher Karen Tobin.  “It was a packed day of teambuilding activities ensured that they are ready for the task ahead. The students council has representatives from 1st to 6th year in the school,” said Karen.

Chairperson is Seamus Bradley, ably asssisted by Vice Chairperson John Foley. Secretary is Nathan Costello ,while the treasurer is Seamus Knightly. Shaun Kierdieski will be the new council’s PRO for the school year.

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“The council is a representative structure for all the students in the school,” added Karen. “It has a very important role as voice of the student body and as ambassadors for the school. It provides students with the opportunity to become involved and be heard.

The leadership and organisational skills that the students develop while being a member of the council will be transferable to all aspects of their lives in the future.”

The boys are looking forward to a productive, progressive, and engaging year ahead. Lots of plans are afoot for the new year including fundraising initiatives, class spirit events, and wellbeing days. They are eager to continue the good work of previous councils in creating a culture of postivity within the school for all,” concluded Ms Tobin.


6th Year

Seamus Bradley CHAIRPERSON

Nathan Costello SECRETARY

Seamus Knightly TREASURER

Conor Kavanagh

5th Year 

Adam O Connor

Shaun Kedzierski PRO

John Foley VICE -CHAIR


Kieran Cahill

Ruairi Burns

3rd year

Martin Quilligan

Ismail Arjam

2nd Year

Brayden Pearce

First Year

Maoilseachlainn Warr

Matthew Aryibi

Cian Mangan

MJ McCarthy

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