No Fruit-Tree Planting Near Estates Due To Fallen Fruit Fears

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A REQUEST to plant fruit-bearing trees near estates in town was denied because of the danger of fallen fruit, it was heard at the meeting of Tralee Municipal District on Monday.

Cllr Toireasa Ferris requested that consideration would be given to planting fruit bearing trees within our villages and towns.

In reply, the Council said a fruit and nut orchard was planted last year in the town park and further fruit bearing trees will be considered for planting in Tralee Town Park; however, fruit trees are not considered suitable for planting along roadsides or along estate roads as fallen fruit can be hazardous and require increased maintenance.

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Cllr Ferris said it was sad that there would be that level of fear of litigation and said she couldn’t see an apple falling from a tree on to a road causing a collision.

Management said there was more of concern for pedestrians from fallen fruit rotting on footpaths and causing people to slip.

They also said they had received complaints in the past that fallen fruit in other parts of town had been used as missiles.


Cllr Ferris asked them to consider the plantation of trees by roads on the outskirts of the town and Council said they would look at that proposal.

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  1. Anna O'Leary says:

    I agree with Ms Ferris on this. Such planting is done by community in other places and with community involvement there would be no problems. With storm damaged fruit one can pick it andd make jam. I think Council could give permission to community groups to davit together on the understanding that the trees,will be cut down if the community does not maintain as per guidelines.