A Play Based On Countess Markievicz Is Coming To Tralee

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Siamsa Barbara Dempsey

Barbara Dempsey as Countess Markievicz in the play.

HOT on the heels of its success in Dublin, the play, ‘Madame de Markievicz On Trial’, written by Ann Matthews and directed by Anthony Fox, will come to Siamsa Tíre, Tralee, on Saturday, April 16.

However, if you’re in Listowel next weekend, the play will be on in St John’s Theatre, Listowel on Friday, March 18.

Most people know the centenary of the 1916 Rebellion is being commemorated with events taking place all over the country. Most are familiar with the main characters such as Pearse and Connolly. Indeed, Kerry people travelling in and out of Heuston Station may have even spotted the bust of Sean Heuston, one of those who were executed after the Rising, but when it comes to the women who took part in the Rebellion, Madame Markievicz is the most well-known.

Actors Neil Fleming and Ian Mehan in a scene from the play.

A play never claims to be an accurate account of an historical event. A play, like a good teacher, makes one think about people, things and events, and certainly ‘Madame de Markievicz On Trial’  gives the audience an opportunity simply to ask themselves, who exactly is this Countess Markievicz?

The Countess was tried by court martial in the aftermath of the Rebellion but this drama is set in a criminal court and is a fictional calling to the account of the Countess for the death of police constable Michael Lahiff on Easter Monday, 1916.

It is led by a great team and cast under the guidance of The New Theatre. For more information, checkout their website. www.thenewtheatre.com.

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