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J.D.I. (the Nike slogan) is a slogan that is very close to my heart.

The reason for this is that it works and it was of huge benefit to me in my own life.

Every morning I made myself go for a walk, rain, hail or snow whether I liked it or not (I just did it).

What I found was that at the start I didn’t particularly like doing it – in fact I vehemently didn’t want to do it – but after a while the thing that I didn’t like initially became very enjoyable.

It was as if my mind was saying that no matter what I do, this fellow is going to keep on walking so I may as well enjoy myself.

When we analyse why J.D.I. works, things get very interesting. You see J.D.I. bypasses the thinking mind. In other words if you have a task to do – Just Do It and don’t think about it.

You see when you apply the J.D.I. philosophy you take choice off of the table. In other words whether I choose to do something or not or whether I like it or not is irrelevant – just J.D.I.

By applying this we get all the benefits of doing the task (e.g. exercise) without the resistance of the thinking mind which is the very tool that can put us off doing it in the first place.

How often in your life have you said ‘I should do this’ or ‘I could do that’ or ‘wouldn’t  life be great if only I had done that’. We must ask ourselves what is stopping us ?

When all is said and done, when you get to the bottom of it you will find in 99% of cases, the thinking mind is involved in some form of resistance – I don’t like this and I don’t like that…blah blah blah!

“Everybody is looking for freedom, but with freedom comes responsibility” – Nelson Mandela

One of the greatest freedoms we can give ourselves is freedom from our own thinking minds. If we are to be totally honest and we want to improve our lives, the best place to begin is to accept the fact that we are where we are as a result of the choices we have made.

The main difference between successful happy people and others is purely down to the choices they have made (please don’t confuse rich with happy and successful!!)

As I explained in a previous article, over 80% of the thoughts of the average human being are negative so that means when we stay away from our thinking mind (meditate), we hit the jackpot 8 out of 10 times – not a bad result from any bookmaker!

Here is the crux of the matter – when we practice J.D.I. in it’s true form we are bypassing the thinking mind and all the resistance (negativity) that goes with it. This can help us in many areas of our lives and here are some good examples.

Exercise – Decide on a healthy programme (get expert advice) and then apply the programme – don’t think about it, J.D.I.

Diet – Decide on a healthy programme (again get expert advice – we also instinctively know what foods serve us well and those that don’t) – don’t think about it, J.D.I

Meditation – Learn to do it (Get advice or look it up on youtube) and practice it – this is without doubt the most rewarding advice I can give you as it impacts on all others – so J.D.I.

Most people refuse to J.D.I. purely because of psychological fear (resistance), however we find in practice those fears aren’t real.

FEAR = False Expectations Appearing Real

So finally I am going to leave you with another great slogan…

In Doing We Learn

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