Sinn Féin Councillors Call For More Frequent Tralee Municipal District Meetings

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Pa Daly and Toireasa Ferris.

THE two Sinn Féin councillors in the Tralee Municipal District have called for monthly, rather than bimonthly, meetings of the Tralee MD.

Cllr Pa Daly made the request at the first meeting of the newly elected Tralee Municipal District councillors on Friday and this was supported by his party colleague, Cllr Toireasa Ferris. Cllr Ferris also said neither she nor Cllr Daly would be attending any ‘in camera’ meetings in the future.

Cllr Daly said because of the important issues relating to the Town Park and decisions which had to be made in relation to the Denny site, walkways and other issues facing the town, it would be pertinent to hold more frequent meetings.

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He also asked that the meetings go back to the evenings like they were in the old Town Council and they be moved to a town centre location such as the Ashe Hall.

Tralee Municipal District manager, Michael Scannell, said increasing the frequency of Municipal District meetings was an issue for the full Council to consider as it would have an impact on those KCC meetings.

Cllr Ferris also said she and Cllr Daly would not be facilitating ‘in camera’ meetings in the future, as they felt this was not democratic. She said such meetings have become a matter of practice. Cllr Ferris said any decisions should be made in the Chamber.

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