Six KGH Patients Have X-Rays And Scans Reviewed After Review of Locums’ Work

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Kerry General Hospital.

KERRY General Hospital (KGH) is one of seven hospitals to have x-rays and scans reviewed, after errors found in the work of three temporary radiologists that were employed by the Health Service Executive (HSE), according to a report in The Irish Times today.

Six patients were recalled at the hospital after a review was made of the work conducted by a temporary radiologist, who was employed there for a month back in 2013. The HSE has stated that there were were no “harm events” at the hospital.

Thousands of X-rays and scans under review have led to the to recall of hundreds of patients in six other hospitals across the country where the three workers were employed, including Cavan/Monaghan Hospital and Bantry General Hospital which was the worst affected where almost four and a half thousand scans and X-rays examined between May and September 2013 had to be looked at again. One patient had a delayed cancer diagnosis.

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