Sponsored: Intensive Irish And French Summer Courses For Fifth Year Students

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DISRUPTION has become a byword for the Leaving Cert Class of 2022.

Life must have seemed a lot more predictable back on the first October weekend of 2019 as they celebrated their Junior Cert results with one eye already cast down the well-trodden path to the big event in June 2022.

All changed, changed utterly before long and, while the entire secondary school system has made great progress in recent months in its delivery of remote learning, there still remains a strong sense amongst 5th year students of lost time and the need to catch up before their final year commences next September.

The upcoming Summer break provides 5th years with a great opportunity to regain ground lost during the pandemic and Brú na Páirce’s Irish and French courses are ideal for students seeking to enter their final year fully prepared for next year’s Leaving Cert exams.

Brú na Páirce has been delivering intensive Leaving Cert Honours Irish Courses in Killarney for the past thirty years to students from all over the country.  It was one of the few Summer schools that was able to deliver its full schedule of courses in 2020, by using the Zoom Educate platform to livestream all of its classes.

“We were determined to ensure that all students who had places booked on our courses would have the same, if not better, experience as their predecessors” said Brú na Páirce Bainisteoir, Fíona Ní Laocha.

“We taught the honours Irish Leaving Cert course online to 300 students last summer, covering Essays, Comprehensions, Oral Irish and Literature.

Each student was sent a package of excellent notes covering over 90% of the Leaving Cert curriculum and our teachers taught over 50 hours of fully interactive live classes on each course via Zoom.

The students were delighted at the end of the two-week period and felt totally confident of their Irish going into 6th Year.”

Fiona added that Brú na Páirce’s end-of-course surveys revealed that 94% of students would strongly recommend the course to their peers and this has been borne out in bookings for this year.

This Summer, Brú na Páirce will run four two-week Honours Irish Leaving Cert courses.  The first two courses in June will be livestreamed online (due to Covid restrictions), but it is hoped that the final two courses (commencing 26th July and 9th August respectively) can be held onsite in Brú na Páírce Killarney, should public health restrictions be sufficiently lifted by mid-Summer.

In addition to their Irish courses, Brú na Páirce are also running a new 6-Day French course online in July which will also cover all aspects of the Leaving Cert French course.  For all information on the Brú na Páirce courses you can check their website www.brunapairce.ie.

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