Sponsored: Meet The Fabulous Pharmacist Laura Dowling At CH Tralee

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THE Fabulous Pharmacist, Laura Dowling, is coming to CH Tralee to mark the launch of Laura’s new supplement range Fabü Wellness.

Join them to celebrate at 6:30pm on Wednesday, September 28, for a live Q&A with Laura Dowling where she will delve into the world of vitamins and supplements.

You’ll be able to discover and shop Fabü Wellness range, participate in the live Q&A and get a chance to ask Laura Dowling all your supplement questions. Tickets are €10 and redeemable against purchase on the night. There will also be giveaways and spot prizes on the day.

FabÜ, is a unique new range of nutritional supplements that simplifies the search and merges the power of nature with the precision of science.

Formulated and developed by the winner of the prestigious 2022 Pharmacist of the Year Award, Laura Dowling, fabÜ’s scientifically targeted supplement formulations take the guessing game out of the endless list of supplements available on the market today.

The result is a product range combining just six to eight powerful key ingredients tailored specifically to your wellbeing needs.

Thanks to Laura’s incredible fascination with the wonderful powers of plants, herbs and mushrooms from across the world, fabÜ demonstrates perfectly how nature and science can work seamlessly together in absolute harmony.

Having witnessed a large volume of pharmacy customers, overwhelmed by the number of supplements on the market today, and after years of fielding questions from her now 55k+ Instagram followers as the @fabulouspharmacist, Laura wanted to simplify and improve the supplement offering.

“So many people are confused by the vast amount of generic ‘one size fits all’ nutritional supplements available,” she said. “Many of those supplements do not necessarily target their specific needs. You do not need to take the product with the most ingredients or every ingredient. Often you just need a tailored product that meets a specific need and plugs that gap in your diet or lifestyle”.

“This is why fabÜ is so special – high quality, minimal ingredients brought together using pharmacognosy (the study of plants, herbs and mushrooms), demonstrating how nature and science can be tailored to work together in harmony.”

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