Sponsored: Yummy Just Got Yummier As New Ice-Cream Parlour Opens

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Warm churros with ice-cream at Yummy Ice-Cream parlour.

YUMMY just got a whole load Yummier!

A rainforest-inspired makeover just appeared out of nowhere at the end of Yummy Café in the past week, as Yummy Café launched their new Icecream Parlour on Dominick Street.

Open Thursday to Sunday throughout the year, and with plans to open 7 days a week during school holidays, Yummy Café are out to provide an incredible taste experience with their Fresh Irish Dairy Icecream served in some exciting and tasty ways.

In a real throwback to tradition, the Soda Floats are proving to be a big hit in week one already.

Classic soda floats.

Carrying on the retro theme the Classic Malt Milkshakes are based on the original American Classic concept, but you get to choose your own flavour ice-cream from the delicious range!

Home-baked cookie ice-cream sandwich.

Using the professional kitchen team in Yummy the parlour has developed some really delicious options including homebaked ice-cream cookie sandwiches, sweet Spanish churros and of course Yummy’s already famous Belgian Waffles are now topped with ice-cream.

Belgian waffles and ice-cream.

Of course, cones and tubs are always a big hit, especially with kids, but Yummy’s new Icecream Parlour are planning some delicious weekly specials too.

Emer Tobin of Yummy Café says “We plan on having some fun with our weekly specials, letting the creative team here come up with their own concepts. Some of them have come up with some delicious combinations already, and then there’s Ken…who’s gone a little bit off the wall with some of his ideas…they may not make the cut.”

The rainforest inspired theme at Yummy ice-cream parlour.

“We are delighted that the new parlour has created a number of new fulltime and part-time positions in Yummy, and the new team have gelled so well with our existing team in the café. The parlour will be running slightly different hours to the rest of the café, with the parlour also opening every Sunday.”

“We’ve been planning the parlour for quite a while now, with Ken doing all the fitout himself with support from great local suppliers. We are conscious that we took out a section of seating to make room for the parlour, but we have plans to develop a revised layout in the café in the coming months including a new snug area for some of our loyal regulars.”

With the new Ice-Cream Parlour Yummy promise as always to cater for the whole family, and have a range of flavours for everyone’s palette, including a range of Dairy-Free Icecream and Sorbet.

The Parlour is open right now 11-5pm Thursday to Sundays and more details can be found on https://www.yummycafemarket.com/icecream/ or by following Yummy Café on Instagram.

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