Survey Shows Approval Of Pedestrianisation In Town And Preference For ‘Free First-Hour’ Parking

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THE results of a recent survey undertaken by Tralee Chamber Alliance, in association with, has shown approval for pedestrianisation in town, a preference for ‘first hour’ free parking and shows a generational difference in the times people like to come to town.

The results from the detailed ‘Let’s Talk About Town’ public survey which was undertaken between May 6th and May 15th, saw 1,191 responses from Tralee town centre users, on a wide range of questions, which will form a series of specific issues to support informed decisions in the coming weeks and months ahead.

The survey will also be used to identify key trends or changes in town use since the Collaborative Town Centre Health Check (2017) and will inform future submissions from Tralee Chamber.

The results of the series of six specific topics in the survey will be released between now and the end of June.

The first results issued are for the topic ‘Accessing Tralee: How and when people want to access Tralee, their views on parking, pedestrianisation and transport’ and are available to be viewed in full on the website by clicking here.

When asked which time period people would like free or reduced-cost parking periods in town, 54% of respondents went for a ‘first hour free’, 13.5% opted for 9am-11am, 12.7% wanted 11am to 1pm, 11.1% went for 3pm-5pm and 8% for 1pm-3pm.


When it came to pedestrianisation, 48.9% of respondents didn’t want to see any change to the current pedestrianisation of Tralee; 36.8% wanted to see more pedestrianisation, while 14.4% wanted less pedestrianisation.


There was generational difference in this answer with 32% of 56 and older people wanting more pedestrianisation as opposed to 59% of those 18 and under.

In other results, it was generally felt important that more bicycle parking and cycle lanes were provided for the town, accessibility for cyclists and pedestrians was also important and the introduction of smart-metering parking (eg: pay by text) would be beneficial.

Also, the survey found that the Over 56 age profile and under 25 Age profile requirements were quite distinct from other generations and each other – in particular that these two distinct generations prefer to use the town at different time periods during the day, and having a town that adapts from morning into evening in relation to access and transport to cater for their distinct needs is important to unlocking the town’s potential.

The Chamber, in summing up the results on this topic, said; “A free flowing town with affordable accessible parking solutions in the mornings, transitioning into a pedestrian and bicycle friendly town in the afternoons could accommodate these generations, when accompanied by a number of other measures which could be outlined in future specific issue reports.”

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