Tralee Man In Vegas Fail Clip In Talks To Appear On ‘The Ellen Show’

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Joe Griffin

Joe Griffin in a screenshot from his latest video.

THE Tralee man in the Las Vegas GoPro fail video seen over 7,000,000 times on YouTube, is now in talks to appear on a famous US talk show.

Joe Griffin, originally from Clogherbrien, now living in Dublin, is just back from Las Vegas after he was invited by the Nevada city’s tourism board to film a promo to show the city’s attractions. That came about after they saw the video of Joe describing the sights of  Vegas, but the camera was pointed at himself rather than the attractions.

The new video ‘An Irishman In Vegas Redo’ – has received over 90,000 on YouTube featuring Joe with the GoPro pointed in two directions.

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It shows the Clogherbrien native, now domiciled in Dublin, visiting the sights and living it up in five star hotel suite, clubbing, going on a helicopter ride and ‘flying’ over the streets on his all-expenses paid trip with his son Evan.

Now Joe revealed to Anton Savage of Today FM this morning that he could be appearing on the Ellen De Generes Show watched by millions in the US. The video has already received attention from The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and even a piece in the New York Times.

“We had a Skype meeting with the Ellen De Generes Show about a visit to Ellen,” Joseph told Anton.

“But nothing is confirmed yet.  They can’t fit us into their Christmas schedule.  I can’t fit them into mine!” he said.

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