Tralee Park Run Organisers Looking To Encourage Locals As Part Of Week Of Sport

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Park Run

Tralee Park Run are encouraging everyone to bring a friend with them on September 12. Photo: Tralee Park Run Facebook.

THE Tralee Park Run team, who organise the free 5km walk/runs/jogs in the town park every weekend are currently gearing up to hold a different sort of run on Saturday, September 12.

As part of the European Week of Sport, which is taking place all around the continent from September 7 to September 13, organisers of the run here in town are looking to encourage more people to get out and start getting active.

Regular members of the timed park run are being asked to bring with them a friend, family member, a neighbour and anyone they can think of, down to the event, which will kick off at 9.30am in the town park on the day.

All ages and fitness levels will be catered for, with the run being as relaxing/challenging as you want it to be, with the main aim behind the initiative to get people out and enjoying themselves in the fresh air.

Those first timers coming must register for the runs (it only needs to done once), which can be done through the link HERE.

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