Tralee Retains Purple Flag Status Again

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TRALEE is celebrating being awarded the Purple Flag for the third time.

Tralee is one of over 70 large towns and cities across the UK and Ireland who have been awarded with Purple Flag status for their achievements in helping people to have a great night out.

The Purple Flag is similar to the Blue Flag for Beaches and the Green Flag for parks and green spaces, in that the Purple Flag quickly allows members of the public and visitors to quickly identify town and city centres that offer an entertaining, diverse, safe and enjoyable night out

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The committee submitted a detailed renewal application in June 2019, and the town went through a marathon nine-hour independent inspection of Tralee on the 10th of August, which included visiting many ambassador businesses including restaurants, bars, hotels and entertainment venues.

Tralee passed all Purple Flag criteria as well as the thresholds of decreasing crime statistics, offering a vibrant appeal, a stimulating destination and a strong partnership approach.

The judges on the night were particularly impressed with the strong working relationship between all the stakeholders in the town, which led to the introduction of programmes such as the ‘See Something, Say Something’ campaign and an increase in street entertainment around the town.

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  1. Matty O'Leary says:

    Tralee town centre is still a ghost town on a Sunday.

    If it was not for savvy businesses like Penney’s and Costa it would be even worse.

    Tralee is very fortunate to have Manor West Retail park, a modern destination where there is vibrant human activity occurring and you can shop, grab a coffee, snack or lunch the same way on a Sunday as a Saturday or any other day of the week!

    The Tralee town owned businesses are the worst problem and would want be more ambitious and take advantage of the Sunday free parking! Lets face it, at the beginning there will be a hit to the bottom line. However, if enough of the business owners support themselves and open 7 days, after a while the footfall of Tralee town centre will increase and their profits with it.

    Is it any wonder why the so called high street is losing the battle for business against the modern suburban retail part when there is just no companion.

    The Tralee town owned businesses outdated small village attitudes needs and adjustment. The question is can they get organised and turn Sunday shopping around in Tralee town centre to normalisation before it is not too late. If they voluntarily choose not to compete, they will lose, even more.