Tralee Shoppers Wants Cleanliness And Good Customer Service As Retail Reopens

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TRALEE shoppers are looking for cleanliness/adhering to Covid Restrictions, good customer service and quality/range of products as the most important factors influencing where they spend their money as the shops reopen.

In time for the reopening of retail stores this coming Monday, Tralee Chamber Alliance have issued the second set of results from their ‘Let’s Talk About Town’ Survey where around 1,200 respondents took part.

The second set of results released by the Chamber focuses in on retail, and what the people of Tralee want from their shopping experience in Tralee post Covid19.

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The results show that there will be an expected decline in shopping levels of over 25%, however, the results do present a clear path for retailers to be able to provide a new form of shopping in Tralee very much focused on offering safe, clean and friendly service.

Cleanliness/ Adhering to Covid Restrictions, the People factor (customer service) and Quality & Range of products will be the most important factors influencing where people spend their money going forward.

The survey result found some very specific information that will help retailers in Tralee going forward, including giving consideration to opening late on Friday evenings as over 47% of respondents preferred this night in the survey.

The survey showed having an online (at least a Click ‘n’ Collect option) as well as an off-line offering is of critical importance.

It also showed that significant goodwill exists among respondents for Tralee businesses with 92% of respondents stating that they are likely or very likely to support Tralee businesses post-Covid 19 restrictions.

70% of people said they are ‘very likely’ to support the town centre and Manor West businesses in the future, 27.2% said they would increase their shopping visits as opposed to 19.3% who said they would decrease their visits (53% no change).

Speaking about the Retail survey results, the Chair of the Tralee Chamber Retail Team, Sandra Rusk of Weardobe said; “We now have a very clear idea from the people of Tralee exactly what form of shopping experience we need to deliver to give them the confidence to come into Tralee. With the level of information in the survey, we can provide specific guidance to Tralee Retailers based on their exact customer profile.”

“As we are re-opening our stores in this new era of social distancing, we have found it incredibly valuable to get a better understanding of what our customers want, so that we can provide them with the service they need. Tralee Chamber’s Retail Team will be now looking at this information going forward to see how we can develop a better level of experience for shoppers in Tralee.”

“If any retailer in Tralee is interested in seeing the specific results for their customers across all various age profiles, male and female and different backgrounds, they can contact me or the Chamber team and we would be delighted to help them. We can provide exact details of the wants and priorities of the type of Tralee shopper they are interested in providing for.”

Ken Tobin, CE of Tralee Chamber said; “With this level of information we are now turning our attention once again to the vacant units in Tralee. New businesses looking to any town want exact data, and combined with previous surveys and analysis of Tralee we are able to start building a profile that will help in attracting new business to the town”.

“We also have similar data now for the restaurants and bars in Tralee, and will be releasing this information in advance of the Phase 3 opening. In the interim, we have some key releases to prepare that look at the sustainability of Tralee”.

You can view the full results by clicking on this link Retail Owners in Tralee interested in more detailed information should contact Sandra Rusk in Weardrobe Tralee or email

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