Supporters of Tralee-Fenit Greenway Voice Disappointment At Lack Of Progess

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Supporters of the Tralee - Fenit Greenway before the walk.

Supporters of the Tralee – Fenit Greenway before the walk.

FRIENDS of the Tralee to Fenit Greenway held a public walk on Sunday, February 8, to highlight the disappointment at the uncompleted Tralee to Fenit Walkway.

Despite the bad weather, over 80 people took part in the walk, which started at St. Brendan’s Church and finished at Mounthawk.

The group has been involved in the project for almost ten years and would like to the council to get moving on completing the route. At the moment the project to extend it towards Fenit is at a standstill.

Michael O’Neill, organiser of the walk, said; “All we want them to do is apply for planning permission and flush out any people who are against it.

It’s not a very costly project. I reckon a million euros will do it and it’s in everybody’s interest. The one in town has been a huge success.  What’s the delay? We don’t understand it. All we’re saying is let’s finish it out,” he continued.

“We’ve waited a long time for this and want it to be finished off in 2016. It’ll only take three or four months work and there are health benefits, tourism benefits and it also benefits the community. It gives us safe options and keeps walkers and cyclists off the road and gives more safety to kids. It’s a no-brainer,” he said.

If you would like to keep up with their news, you can check out their website: or their Facebook at Tralee to Fenit Greenway.


  1. Paudie Kenny says:

    Their was Easily, over double that turnout figure you mentioned, despite the bad weather.

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for reporting on this issue, it is much appreciated, but we have to disagree with that turnout figure too, as there was way more than that number in attendance.

    Here is another photo from a higher vantage point

    It would be great if you could amend this article.