TUI Branch At IT Tralee Give Notice Of Industrial Action

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IT TraleeTHE TUI branch at the Institute of Technology Tralee has given details of the first stage of industrial action which will be taken in the dispute over the proposed merger between the college and Cork Institute of Technology.

In a statement to the press this evening, the Teacher’s Union Of Ireland branch at ITT said it has served the college with notice of industrial action.

“The first stage of the industrial action will consist of a directive issued to all members (academic and research staff) in the institute not to co-operate with any merger activities,” read the statement.

“The Executive of the union at its last meeting approved the sanction for industrial action. The result from the resent Branch ballot was unambiguous with 86% voting in favour of taking industrial action,” the statement continued.

“It is clear that members are strongly opposed to a merger with the Institute of Technology Tralee. The Branch consider there is no academic rationale for the proposed merger,” it said.

The union believes that without increased investment the proposed merger is about rationalisation, this includes provision of programmes and services.

“It is the union position that institutes should be allowed apply in their own right for technological university status without having to merge first. There is also a need for a realistic playing field in order to provide fair opportunity to succeed. In this regard investment is required to bring the institute on a par with university lecturing, research and funding norms.”

“This would require the recruitment of an estimated 195 additional academic and research staff, an investment of €7 million. Increased investment is crucial if university quality and standards are to be achieved,” ended the statement.

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