UHK Launches Facility To Register Accommodation Vacancies For Potential Employees

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UHK have launched on online portal in a bid to ease the staff accommodation problem for potential employees.

The ability to recruit new health and medical staff in UHK is being partially impacted by the lack of available housing.

There is concern that the lack of accommodation could lead to potential candidates being unable to take up roles at the hospital, so the management team in UHK have launched a new portal on the UHK website.

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The portal is aimed at encouraging homeowners and landlords in the county to register their properties with UHK to support them with the vacant positions currently unfilled in the hospital.

The Accommodation Registration portal is located under the Career’s page of the UHK website www.uhk.ie/careers and  Dr Martin Boyd, spokesperson for UHK said; “We are currently very active in looking to recruit for roles across many Departments [Nursing, Medical, lab scientists]  in UHK, as well as looking to support the needs of our NCHD’s (Junior Doctors) for their upcoming placement in the hospital.”

In a bid to attract additional nurses and midwives to the hospital, UHK have also recently launched an extensive campaign, not only looking to recruit from Ireland, but also from abroad.

Acknowledging the demands on the hospital, Dr Boyd continued; “Staff shortages have placed high-demand on our team here in the hospital, and one of the key complications in being able to recruit additional staff, is the limited supply of housing in Kerry at the moment.”

While seeking available property of all types in Tralee will be a key priority for UHK, they are also expressing an interest for rental properties throughout the county.

“We have a wide range of needs for rental properties for current and future staff in the hospital, everything from one-bedroom bedsits and house shares, up to entire family homes. These also vary from short-term 6month lets to more longer-term properties,”  Dr Boyd said.

Being conscious of the demands for housing from a number of different sectors currently in Kerry, members of the public, and landlords, are being asked to login on to www.uhk.ie/careers to register their properties and are being advised that all registrations will be provided directly to UHK staff and prospective candidates only.


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  1. I have 3bed house in Ballybunion for rent. 900e per month.