VIDEO: Local Band’s Touching Tribute Song To Donal Walsh

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Donal Walsh

Donal Walsh wanted his message to #LiveLife to be spread in an effort to promote positivity.

TALENTED Tralee band, Q14, have penned a touching tribute to the late Donal Walsh with the release of their song and accompanying video ‘Star Sign Boy.’

The video serves to try and highlight the different things that have influenced different people in their lives and how sometimes, these things may be taken for granted.

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You can be the judge for yourself when you watch the video below.

The band, which is up made of John O’ Connor, Jay Dalligan and Bernard O’ Connor recently played at the ‘Live Life Love’ event which was held in Fels Point Hotel here in town. The event was set up to help promote the positive message that Donal was trying to spread. spoke to John O’Connor about the reasoning behind why he wrote the song and the message that they are hoping to spread through it.

“I wrote the song for Donal, I knew him personally. I wrote it almost as a fantasy so to speak. If I could have a conversation with him now in Heaven and what would it be like. To find out where he is at now in the afterlife, that is the basic essence of the song.”


Q14 penned the song ‘Star Sign Boy’ as a tribute to Donal Walsh.

The band recently took some time away from the day modern day trappings, holing themselves up as they worked on new material for their album. This time ‘off’ so to speak, gave them time to think and allowed them to reflect on the things that are important them.

“We knew the people who had the biggest impacts on our lives, and for me personally, Donal was one of them.”

“We thought, why not engage other people to say the person that has influenced their life the most. Donal was someone that really influenced us.”

They’re hoping that their song, in its own small way can help people to maybe appreciate things a little more in their own lives and to try and take heed of the #LiveLife message being spread by the ‘Donal Walsh Foundation’.

Check out Q14 on their Facebook page here.

Here is the video for their new song ‘Star Sign Boy’.

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