VIDEO: Comedian Shane Explains Why Mom’s The Word In Tralee

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IT had to be said Shane.

We all say ‘mom’ around these parts when referring to our dear mothers, but some accuse us as being corrupted  by American TV shows.

Step forward then Shane Clifford of ‘Shanes Brilliant Page’ fame. The Tralee man has had enough vilification and explains (below) – in his unique way – in his latest video that Tralee people have always used mom over ma, mum, mammy, mother and the like.

Shane’s Facebook page has over 7,300 likes and his sketches have grabbed the attention of Rubberbandits and cult Scottish comedian, Limmy – whose BBC series ‘The Limmy Show’ has a huge following across Britain and Ireland.

Watch Shane’s video here (warning: contains ‘bold’ words)…

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  1. marian fitzgerald says:

    I agree we always called our mother MOM!!!