Works On Russell Street To Begin In September

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What Russell Street will look like after works are completed.

KERRY County Council will progress their works on the town centre this September with Russell Street the first place to receive a revamp with new footpath and road surfacing.

Construction starts September 2020 with a break from December 7 to January 1. During this period there will be no thought traffic to The Mall area at any time.

Delivery vehicles will be allowed access to The Mall via Denny Street. Pedestrian access will be preserved during the works.

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As per The Mall works, Kerry County Council will have a Liaison Person on site everyday as key point of contact for businesses. There will be flexible contractor operating hours and encouragement to work extended hours within contract documents to accelerate completion and reduce disruption.

Pedestrian access to all businesses to be maintained during opening hours and there will be pedestrian access and pedestrian through traffic arrangements to comply with Social Distancing Requirements.

It’s part of an overall plan that will see more works completed in the coming year. Phase 3 – Bridge Street will take three months while Rock Street will take a further two months. It is expected to be completed by August 6, 2021. For further details, click here

What Bridge Street will look like after works are completed.

What Bridge Street will look like after works are completed.

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