‘Yes’ Vote Gains Support From Above…Well, Sort Of

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Denny Street Cam

The ‘Denny Street Cam’ has displayed a rainbow on it’s site for the referendum today.

The ‘YES Vote’ just gained a supporter from on high.

The Twitter posts from the ‘Denny Street Camera’ today have been displaying a rainbow on its feed for referendum today.

The images are from the Kerry County Council owned web cam at the Ashe Memorial Hall, Denny Street and is updated regularly.

The profile of the Denny Street Cam is “Images from @countykerry’s web cam at the Ashe Memorial Hall, Denny Street, Tralee updated every hour. Now with added #cheese ! Created by @voolist”.

The @voolist is Keith O’Faolain.

The rainbow, which a common image used in support of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) pride and LGBT social movements began appearing on the site this morning and have been constant throughout the day.

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