New Comedy Club Night Starts In Tralee Next Month

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Danny Leane of The Abbey Inn with Seamus Kelly who is starting up a new comedy club in April. Photo by Oscar Brophy

SOMETHING funny is going to happen in The Abbey Inn on April 16.

It’s the inaugural night of The KY Comedy Alternative, Kerry’s new comedy club. It’s all for a good cause, too – all proceeds from the night will go to the Tralee Soup Kitchen.

The night will see local first timers and one or two more experienced stand-ups take to the stage to make people laugh and you can get involved too, if you think you’ve got what it takes to leave a crowd in stitches.

The man behind it all is comedian Seamus Kelly, originally from Kilkenny, but now calling Tralee his home.

Seamus has performed at the Cat Laughs festival in Kilkenny as well as at venues all over the country, previously performing with American stand-up Reginald D. Hunter.

Seamus spoke with about the upcoming event.

TT: What is your reason for starting The KY Comedy Alternative?

Seamus: “To give people a reason to come out at night and laugh – and not to feel guilty about it.

I think nowadays, with the way the world has gone, people are afraid to laugh because they think they’re going to offend someone. I don’t care about offending people.

I often ask someone who’s been the victim of a burglary if they’d like another joke about a burglary or would they prefer to be burgled again.”

TT: How long have you wanted to start a comedy club in Tralee?

Seamus: “Six and a half year, as long as I’ve been living in Kerry. I asked my fiancé when we moved down, ‘Do you think Tralee would be in the mood for a comedy club?’  She said ‘No’, and I listened to her.

Six and a half years ago I wouldn’t have had the courage to attempt something like this – but after going through some personal issues, and through the use of an online alter ego, Frank Hicks, I found the courage to set the ball in motion.

And the response, on Facebook and in real life, has been fantastic.”

TT: Why have you decided to hold the first show in aid of the Tralee Soup Kitchen?

Seamus: “Last year, I saw an article on about the soup kitchen. There was two elderly gentlemen who had to wait for four days to get food. And for some reason, it touched me.

Generally, when someone’s dog dies in China I don’t care – because it’s not my dog and I don’t live in China. But it hit me because of the two women involved – it’s not 100% charity and they don’t have much funds.

They depend on the community. I’ve been living here for a few years and I count Tralee as my home, even though I live in Castlemaine. I want to give something back. I don’t want to charge people for a night of laughter, but what I do want is for people to put their hands in their pockets and give back”

TT: What comedians will be performing on the night?

Seamus: “We have five comedians booked so far, including John Spillane from Limerick, myself and a few first-timers from Tralee. But we are looking for more, anyone who thinks they might have an interest in trying it out. I fell into comedy by accident six years ago, so it could happen to anyone.”

The KY Comedy Alternative will be in The Abbey Inn on the 16th of April, time TBC.

Entry is free and there will be collections on the night in aid of Tralee Soup Kitchen. If you are interested in performing at the KY Comedy Alternative, no matter what your level of experience (or lack thereof), get in contact with Seamus on the KY Comedy Alternative’s Facebook page.

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