Ferris Attacks Government At Election Campaign Launch

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Sinn Fein Launch 1

The crowd at the launch of Martin Ferris’ election campaign on Friday night in The Meadowlands Hotel. Photo by Dermot Crean

A CROWD of 300 people gathered in the Meadowlands Hotel on Friday night for the launch of Martin Ferris’ election campaign.

Ireland South MEP Liadh Ní Riada was the guest speaker on an evening when the  Kerry Sinn Féin TD accused both Fine Gael and Labour of betraying the people of Kerry.

Ferris said they had failed to deliver on what they promised before the 2011 election and don’t deserve the trust of the people.

“In 2011,  many in this county put their trust in Fine Gael and The Labour Party. Here we stand, five years later, and that trust is in smithereens. The government has utterly betrayed the people of Kerry,

“There has been no democratic revolution. The cronyism remains as strong as ever, all while the ordinary people of Kerry have been subjected to five years of cuts, chaos and hardship.

“Frankly, I think Fine Gael and Labour Party TDs have a nerve to stand before the people of Kerry, claiming to have delivered stability, when they have broken nearly every promise that they made on entering government. That betrayal will not be forgotten or forgiven,” he said.

“Despite the spin from our opponents, Sinn Féin has developed comprehensive and costed policies in healthcare, housing and childcare. We have the proposals for creating a fairer society in which a home is a right, health care is accessed on the basis of need instead of income, and people can find decent work with decent pay. This is not fantasy. It is basic decency.”

The election is expected to be announced this coming week with date expected by many commentators to be Friday, February 26.

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