Anluan Encourages People To Take Up Cycle To Work Scheme For eCargo Bikes

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Anluan Dunne with his eCargo bike.

THE Green Party representative for the Tralee area is encouraging people to take up the latest expansion of the Cycle to Work Scheme which now includes a higher payment of €3,000 for eCargo bikes.

This is the second time the scheme has being expanded by the government and the first time cargo bikes have been specifically included.

Anluan Dunne, Green Party Representative for the Tralee area has his own eCargo bike and uses it daily for a number of purposes.

“The newly expanded cycle to work scheme provides a welcome support to individuals and families who are seeking to reduce transport costs, shorten journey times and generally make getting around easier and more affordable,” he said.

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“As a cargo bike owner myself, I have seen first hand the positive impact to my finances. No fuel cost, no tax, no insurance and importantly, no negative impact to how we get around as a family. This is a real, tangible, cost of living measure.”

“It’s a game changer for families or people who may use a second car, at enormous cost, to take short trips in their locality such as getting kids to school, doing the shopping, getting to work or a combination of these things. The average car costs in the region of €10,000 per year and that can be a huge burden on people. A cargo bike reduces their transport cost to a fraction of that.”

Under the scheme, which can be reapplied to every four years, an individual can get tax relief on a variety of bicycle types. Standard bicycles benefit up to €1,250, e-bikes up to €1,500 and now electric cargo bikes up to the higher sum of €3,000.

This measure is designed to address the fact that cargo bikes are considerably more expensive than conventional bikes.

Anluan Dunne continued: “One of the major benefits to these bikes is the consistent journey times and ease of access that cycling provides. You are stuck in traffic less, it’s never a problem to find parking and you can really shop locally. More people cycling will result in more people shopping locally and shopping more often.”

“My kids love it too as it’s loads of fun. They are awake and connected with their town and community as we cycle to school, to town, to weekend activities or over to visit grandparents. It’s also a great benefit to me as I can maintain fitness, get out in the fresh air, or chat to people along my journeys.”

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  1. How many e-cargo bikes are viable in and around Tralee before we end in congestions of bike lanes and even the new Greenway? Is there enough space in town for parking/ storing e-cargo bikes as well?
    These bright people should have increased the incentive for standard e-bikes instead, to attract more commuters for the bike-to-work scheme. Especially now, where you can drive from the Fenit area safe and secure into town.
    A decent e-bike for daily use is costing around €3,000 whilst an e-cargo bike can be sourced for just a few Euros more. Bring the incentive for standard e-bikes up to €2,000 and cap the one for the minority of “tofu-eating -fancy e-cargo-bike-drivers” at a maximum of €2,500, subject to purchase price!