Call For Limited Use Of Wire And Concrete Fencing On Tralee-Fenit Greenway

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Fencing along part of the Greenway.

THE Friends of the Tralee-Fenit Greenway group has written to local councillors about the fencing on the Greenway.

They expressed concerns about the extent of fencing on certain parts of the Greenway route and want its use limited as they feel it will detract from the user experience.

“We note that there is a contract invitation for fencing to extend effectively from Fenit to the Oyster Tavern junction and presumably this will be extended to Tralee,” reads the letter addressed to all seven Tralee Municipal District Councillors.

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“We are fully aware of the need for stockproofing and for safety at gradient differences but would urge that wire and concrete fencing be kept to a minimum and that earthen mounding and timber post and rail be used instead where possible similar to the Waterford Greenway.”

They state that there was no indication in the Part 8 planning drawings that this continuous fencing was to be used and they feel the extensive use of post and wire fencing and concrete screen panels will detract from the Greenway and, in places, present a hazard to users.

Concrete panels along part of the Greenway at Kilfenora.

“It is well recognised that good Greenway design relies on maximizing the experience of the open countryside with the absence of ‘corridor’ fencing,” continues the letter.

“We have tried to contact Council Officials about the matter to no avail. Can you please request full details of what is proposed and the rationale for its use? The project will be a flagship for tourism in North Kerry and we would urge that best practice similar to other completed Greenways be used.”

Fencing along part of the Greenway.


  1. Looks like a glorified dog run and has little value to enhancing the experience

  2. Matty O'Leary says:

    Why the fencing at all?
    Perhaps trees should have bee planted along the way!