Campaign Calls On Councillors To Refuse Planning For Diversion On Tralee-Fenit Greenway

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The route of the proposed diversion (in red) of the Tralee Fenit Greenway at Bawnboy.

THE Kerry Cycling Campaign has called on Tralee Municipal District Councillors to refuse to grant planning for a proposed 700 metre diversion of the Tralee Fenit Greenway.

The Campaign says the Part 8 planning as drafted represents a failure to adequately mediate with the business, part of which is located on a section of the line at Bawnboy, Tralee. They say it bypasses a significant historic railway features associated with the 133 year old line.

The business, SouthWest Pallet Production, has been located at Bawnboy since 1985 and part of their premises is on the old railway line. Because it has been located there for such a long period of time, it has acquired possession of that part of the land and is entitled to be there.

The owner of the business told Radio Kerry that he is fully supportive of the Tralee-Fenit Greenway and wants the project to follow the original route.

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He said he was willing to relocate his business, but was told by Kerry County Council that it would cost too much to do this, so the Council proposed the 700m diversion.

Kerry County Council has said the proposed diversion will not delay the completion date of the project.

Keith Phelan, speaking on behalf of Kerry Cycling Campaign said: “This proposed Greenway has the potential to open up North Kerry to increased tourism levels, to encourage greater levels of walking and cycling locally in the immediate Tralee to Fenit corridor. The proposed diversion flies in the face of the decision made by Kerry County Council to unanimously approve the original Part 8 proposal, as stated in both the EIA and AA statements and described as – ‘the previously approved and assessed Tralee to Fenit greenway’.”

Anluan Dunne, also of Kerry Cycling Campaign, said: “the diversion will add nearly a kilometre to the length of the greenway with no obvious benefit or practical reason and inconveniences those who could use the route to commute. School children from areas close to the greenway will be put off using the greenway to cycle to school as the length of their journey will potentially increase”.

“All parties must re-engage in meaningful, transparent and constructive discussions to create a solution that satisfies the needs of all involved. It is also critical that our public representatives engage in this process to ensure it is successful. Should it not be possible to come to an agreement in the near term, the Bawnboy diversion should be seen as temporary,” said Mr Dunne.

The deadline for submissions to the Part 8 planning process is 5pm today (Friday). Members of the public can make a submission to

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