CBS Students To Stage ‘A Wake In The West’ Next Month

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An image from the poster for ‘A Wake In The West’ to be staged by CBS The Green Transition Year students.

CBS The Green Transition Year students are preparing to stage a play open to the public for one night only early next month.

Having successfully staged their interpretation of John B Keane’s ‘The Field’ last year – of which Billy Keane opined “Ye brought John B. Keane back to life. An honour to my father’s memory in the best way possible” – the boys are totread the boards again in ‘A Wake In The West’.

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Written by  Michael J Kennelly, the comedy is set during the wake of Tom Healy who drank himself to his eternal rest and now appears to have wished his grave to be a watery one by requesting cremation and the scattering of his ashes at sea.

The comedy begins when a neighbour decides that Tom is not entitled to take it all with him. It is a comedy of physical and verbal theatre that is sure to bring a must needed smile to everyone’s face.

The production will take place early May for the school community, but the school is delighted to open the  production for an exclusive public show for one night only on May 5.

Doors open at 7pm and show will begin 7.30pm sharp. Tickets are available at the school reception or ring the school at 0667145824 to reserve your tickets.

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