Councillors To Decide On Granting Permission For A Two-Storey McDonalds

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McDonalds in Tralee.

TRALEE Municipal District councillors will meet on Monday morning to decide whether to grant permission for a new two-storey McDonalds restaurant which will be double the size of the existing business.

An amended plan has been put forward by the fast food giant to demolish the old building and construct a brand new restaurant to the east of the existing structure.

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 Edwin Sammon


This would be a two storey building of 618 sq.m. plus an enclosed yard of 23 sq.m. The development would consist of an additional 23 parking spaces, the partial rearrangement of the existing car park, including the provision of pedestrian crossings and footpaths, outdoor seating areas, plants and landscaping among other facilities.

If granted, it’s not known how long before work will start, or how long it will take to build, but it looks certain that McDonalds lovers will be without their beloved Big Macs for quite a while during the construction period.

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