Ferris To Raise Waiting Times Issue With UHK Management This Morning

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Deputy Martin Ferris.

KERRY Sinn Féin TD Martin Ferris will raise the issue of waiting times at A&E at University Hospital Kerry in a scheduled meeting with HSE management at the hospital this morning.

Speaking on Thursday, Deputy Ferris stated: “Today and yesterday I have been contacted by staff and patients of A&E who have told me the current average waiting time to be seen is 9 hours.”

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“Patient safety is once again being put in jeopardy because of these totally unacceptable delays. One person who had been referred by their GP, told me they left last night after waiting eight hours to return home as they felt safer there. I have already contacted management today about this case.”

“I also intend to raise this totally intolerable situation along with other issues with HSE management at the hospital tomorrow morning. Patients, already in many instances travelling long distances should not have to wait for hours to be seen. It is also very unfair on staff who are on the front line in having to deal with an ever increasing workload.”

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  1. Matty O'Leary says:

    This is just more political shenanigans to be seen to be doing some thing?

    Nothing meaningful or constructive about this act and I do mean act, just a political correct way of virtue signalling for a so called positive sound bit or photo op from the media to be seen doing something, when doing nothing!

    If any politician wants to change the Irish model then they should look and adopt ( just copy ) the best model which is Japan.

    So, if I was a politician, I would be a real politician for the people of course I would naturally want to change Ireland for the better then I would simply keep on highlighting the best international system by doing my research and showing how we could adapt the current Irish system to the Japanese model over time – eventually the Irish and Japanese model would be quite similar and hence Ireland would have one of the best health care systems in the world.

    Any voter should be highly dubious about voting for establishment politicians who maintain the status quo by going out of their way to be seen to “raise the issue” and in reality do or achieve nothing apart for political correct publicity.

    Any way, it’s quite informative to read from the above article that KERRY Sinn Féin TD Martin Ferris is apparently so popular with the staff and patients of University Hospital Kerry! Interesting.

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