Ferris Wants Investigation Into Work Practices And Workloads At UHK

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Deputy Martin Ferris.

A KERRY TD has called on the HSE to investigate work practices and workloads at University Hospital Kerry.

Sinn Féin TD Martin Ferris was speaking in the Dáil yesterday where he said he met management at the hospital on January 29 to voice concerns about workplace practices and low morale amongst staff.

“I requested this meeting on the back of numerous complaints made to me by staff across all departments,” said Deputy Ferris.

“These staff are dedicated professionals who want to give the best service they can possibly give, but are unable to due to chronic understaffing and lack of resources; they are finding their work environment extremely stressful, so much so that some agency staff are refusing shifts at A&E due to the severe and over burdening workload there. I am also told that several nurses are out of work due to stress related illnesses with more likely to follow.”

“At the meeting I was given assurances that work place conditions were being addressed.”

“In the meantime Dr Louis Keary, who is a renowned cardiologist, has signalled his intention to resign his position at University Hospital Kerry. I believe this is due to a lack of support. This means the hospital will be operating with just one part time cardiologist tending to hundreds of heart patients. This is totally unacceptable to my constituents and would not nor should not be tolerated anywhere else.”

“I am also told that several nurses are out of work due to stress related illnesses and more likely to follow.”

Deputy Ferris said an investigation into work place practices and an examination of the workload of consultants and staff at the hospital is needed.

“Morale of staff is in my opinion at an all-time low and the problems cannot be left fester any longer,” he added.

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